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5 Facts about boat insurance

Owning a boat is a lot of fun. But it’s also an investment. Boat insurance keeps both safe.

Red Rock Insurance can add some peace of mind to your summer plans. Our seasoned agents can build a personalized boat insurance policy that keeps you prepared on the waterways. Yet some boat owners don’t take full advantage of these benefits.

Here are five facts about boat insurance:

Boat insurance can cover any watercraft.

Boat insurance is a specialized policy that applies to all motorized watercraft. Each policy will vary. Yet most plans will shield against damage, destruction, or loss from collision or comprehensive coverage.

But the benefits go much further.

Don’t let its name fool you. Boat insurance doesn’t just cover boats. These policies protect those onboard too. Boat insurance shields you, your family, and your guests. This is achieved through liability, specifically bodily injury and property damage coverage.

Boat insurance isn’t required in Las Vegas, NV

Like most other states, boat insurance isn’t mandated in Nevada. But it’s encouraged. The pros of having boat insurance far outweigh the risks of going without it.

Boats aren’t likely covered by other plans.

Homeowners policies can offer some coverage, yet these are often limited. Don’t assume you’re safe. In reality, a dedicated boat insurance plan is the only way to ensure protection.

Boat insurance isn’t seasonal.

Boat insurance isn’t just a summer expense. Accidents and disasters can happen all year, even in storage. Don’t fall into this trap by letting your policy lapse in the winter.

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Red Rock Insurance in Las Vegas, NV wants to ensure your summer plans stay afloat. With a dedicated boat insurance policy, you can cruise the waterways safely and securely. Schedule an appointment today.

Do I Need to Insure My Boat While It’s in Storage?

Boat storage is a common service for boat owners who want to save their vessels from the elements. But what do you need to consider before storing your boat?

It could be the off-season, or your boat might simply need a break from water and waves. Whatever the reason, storing your boat can keep it safe and sound for months (or even years). Before you sign up with a boat storage facility to save yourself some money and winterize your pride and joy, you definitely need to consider insurance for your vessel. Here are a few reasons why boat insurance is important.

1. Protection from Theft and Vandalism

For some boat owners, the thought of storing their vessel is enough to put them at ease. But active boat storage facilities mean lots of workers and visitors – making it an easy target for theft or vandalism. Boat insurance could cover you in the event that your boat is damaged or stolen, but you should make sure to check with your insurance agent first. Insurance for boats may include theft, vandalism, water damage, fire, and even natural disasters.

2. Compensate for Damages

Your boat storage facility should have insurance to cover any damage to your vessel. But accidents happen, and it’s good to be prepared. If the storage facility is not insured or lacks enough coverage, you may need additional protection of your own just in case anything goes wrong with your boat.

3. Avoiding Personal Liability

There are plenty of things that can go wrong while storing your boat, and not all issues will be covered by the storage facility’s insurance. This includes damage caused to other boats or people, as well as injuries. Even if you don’t use your vessel during the storage period, it could still be subject to liability.

Insurance for boats doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Our agents from Red Rock Insurance can help you find the right boat insurance in Las Vegas, NV, at an affordable rate today. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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