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Hazards not covered by home insurance

You may be surprised to learn that quite a few hazards are not covered by home insurance. Your home is likely the largest purchase you will ever make, and protecting it is vital to your financial security. In Las Vegas, NV. Red Rock Insurance is a local agency with a team of experienced agents to help with your home insurance choice. We understand how important making the correct decision is.


Floods are one of the most common causes of catastrophic damage to homes in the US. Billions of dollars of damage happen every year. This is just for the major floods. Many smaller localized floods also happen. The good news for homeowners is that even though your home insurance doesn’t cover flooding, you can purchase flood insurance separately. 

Land movement

Land movement includes earthquakes, mudslides, and sinkholes. These are excluded from most home insurance policies. You can, however, add a rider or a separate policy to give you the protection you need. 

Expensive items

Expensive items are not so much exclusion as a limit. Jewelry, antiques, and art have minimal coverage. Chances are if you have a nice engagement diamond, you likely have reached the average jewelry limit. Talk to your insurance agent about getting coverage for collectibles, jewelry, and other valuable possession you may have. 

Owner neglect

You may feel your home is your castle and the care you provide for your home is your own business. You would be wrong if you were to file a claim for something resulting from corrective measures you should have taken. If you get termite damage, your home insurance won’t cover it. Your insurance expects you to maintain your home. 

If you have questions about home insurance and live in or near Las Vegas, NV, Red Rock Insurance is here to help you get the coverage you need. 

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