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Life Insurance as Part of a Financial Strategy

Insurance is a product that helps you respond to things that happen in the course of your life and your family’s. In the case of life insurance, you might think that the main purpose is to provide a sum to a designated beneficiary, but that wouldn’t account for the many types of life insurance that are available.

Building a Financial Portfolio that Includes Life Insurance as a Strategic Choice

At Red Rock Insurance, we can help you use life insurance to plan for the future in Las Vegas, NV. We can help you choose from term, whole, universal, variable, and final expense coverage, as well as sub-types designed for specific purposes like paying off your mortgage. While the ultimate purpose of life insurance is to help life go on if you’re no longer around and to help those who depend on you, such as your family and your business, there’s more. For example, whole life insurance builds cash value that you can access if you need to. Term life insurance can be used to provide temporarily elevated benefit amounts during a time when that’s appropriate.

Financial Planning Strategies and Insurance

Many of the insurance products you select are designed to help you avoid the major impact of significant losses. For example, auto insurance helps you handle potential liability to others, as well as replacement or repair of your vehicle. You have investments and savings, and even your job or business is a part of your financial picture. At Red Rock Insurance, we can help you select life insurance that fits your needs, your family’s, and your business’ if appropriate, as part of a larger financial picture in Las Vegas, NV. Working with your financial planner, we can arrange coverage, with well-respected life insurance companies.

How Whole Life Insurance Works

When you want to leave something behind when you’re gone, you need to have a life insurance policy. When you are interested in getting life insurance, there are two basic choices- whole life and term life. A whole life policy works very differently from a term life policy. There are many benefits that whole life policies come with, and this has made them highly popular. When you want a life insurance policy, call us at Red Rock Insurance in Las Vegas, NV.

Extensive Coverage

When you get a term life policy, it’s made to be active for just a single term of time. This is far different from a whole life policy. Whole life stays good for the rest of your life. No matter what age you reach, this insurance will be in force for as long as you pay for it. If you keep up the premium payment, the policy can’t be canceled. Even the insurance company can’t cancel it. You can expect coverage for your whole life. Many people choose this type of policy because they don’t want to be left without insurance at the end of a term. 

Cash Value

As you continue to pay your premiums, the insurance company invests those funds and makes a profit from them. A small part of that profit is eventually used to create a cash value for your policy. When you have a cash value built up, you are able to borrow that amount of money if you ever need to. This can be very helpful if you have a financial emergency. 

Get a Whole Life Policy

When you want to be covered for the rest of your life, you need a whole life policy. Call us today at Red Rock Insurance in Las Vegas, NV to find out more.

Four Reasons Why You Absolutely Need Life Insurance Coverage

There are plenty of important reasons why consumers need to invest in life insurance. If you haven’t yet purchased life insurance, you should be aware of the most important reasons why you need this type of insurance coverage. Red Rock Insurance in Las Vegas, NV provides a guide on navigating this important coverage.

Here are four reasons why you need life insurance:

Life insurance makes your family more financially secure

If your family isn’t protected by life insurance coverage, dependents in your family could be left in a desperate situation in the event of unexpected death in the family. Having life insurance is one of the best ways to make sure that your family will have the funds it needs even if the family breadwinner passes away unexpectedly. 

Life insurance gives you peace of mind

It’s stressful to not enjoy life insurance coverage that would cover expenses and ensure that family members can maintain their lifestyle even if a primary earner passes away. With adequate life insurance coverage, family members can rest assured that financial needs will be met in the future. Life insurance coverage, therefore, reduces stress and provides family members with peace of mind. 

Life insurance policies can accumulate cash value

Not only does life insurance offer a death benefit payment that helps support a family financially, but it can also be a good option for families looking to accumulate savings. Whole life insurance policies and numerous other types of life insurance policies accumulate cash value over time so that they help families build wealth. 

You never know what the future holds

Unfortunately, bad things can happen. It’s impossible to predict surprise events and tragedies in a family like an unexpected death. Life insurance helps prepare families for the unexpected. 

Give Us A Call

At Red Rock Insurance, we can help you find the right life insurance solutions for your family in Las Vegas, NV. Get in touch with us to learn more about our life insurance offerings. 

What Is Accidental Death Insurance?

Accidental death insurance pays your beneficiaries in the event your death is caused by accident. This type of insurance coverage is also referred to as accidental death and dismemberment insurance, or AD&D, and is an alternative to permanent and term life insurance options. Those in Las Vegas, NV, debating between purchasing accidental death insurance or a typical life insurance policy can call our agents at Red Rock Insurance for more details. 

Accidental Death Insurance

Most insurance companies offer accidental death insurance plans to cover those who may have died due to an accident. The beneficiaries are paid a lump sum payout when the death of their loved one is caused by accident. The payout is called a death benefit, and natural causes or illness-related deaths are not covered under this type of insurance plan. 

Do I Need Accidental Death Insurance?

The decision to purchase accidental death insurance is completely up to you. The younger you are, you may take this plan into greater consideration because you may be at risk of becoming injured or killed in a fire, work accident, or auto accident. However, anyone at any age may want to consider accidental death insurance coverage for the same reasons. 

Disadvantage to Accidental Death Insurance

The Centers for Disease Control reports only 5.4 percent of deaths are ruled an accident. Because accidents are rare, the biggest disadvantage is you may never need this form of insurance coverage. 

Benefit to Accidental Death Insurance

The biggest benefit to purchasing an accidental death insurance plan is affordability. Being affordable means that even if you never need the plan, these plans do not cost a lot of money. 

Those living in Las Vegas, NV may want to consider weighing their needs and determine if they need to purchase accidental death insurance. Then, if you still have questions, call our agents at Red Rock Insurance to discuss your options. 

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