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Adequate Coverage for Boat Collisions

Do you have the protection you need if you are involved in a boat collision? Review the tips below. Then, update your existing boat insurance policy if you wish to have more insurance coverage.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage pays for the damage that you caused. If you are found at fault for a collision, it is your responsibility to pay the expenses that directly result from the accident. You may need to cover costs for another party’s boat.

You may also be held liable for damages to a marina or another piece of property. Having liability coverage is essential while you are actively operating your boat. It will prevent you from being sued or facing severe legal penalties.

Theft and Damage

If your boat is stolen or damaged by another party, theft, and damage coverage will pay for replacement materials and repairs. The amount of coverage you acquire should be linked to the value of your boat.

Having your boat inspected before you seek this type of coverage is a good idea. This will help you acquire an accurate value of your watercraft. It will also unveil any potential problems you may need to address before operating your watercraft.


Add-ons are specific types of coverage that can be useful. They can protect against the loss of materials and provide protection during unique circumstances. It will benefit you to compare each of the add-on coverage types and choose the ones that will be best for you.

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