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3 Classic Car Restoration Mistakes You Should Avoid

Now that you have your classic car in your garage, it’s time to begin the restoration process. It’s easy to rush into the restoration process and stumble upon these three common restoration mistakes. Before you get started, we at Red Rock Insurance in Las Vegas, NV want you to know what to look for when you begin your restoration project.

3 Classic Car Restoration Mistakes To Avoid 

Skimping on Your Research

In the excitement of buying your classic car, it’s tempting to jump right into the restoration work. As hard as it is to delay working on your project, it is absolutely essential to do thorough research on restoring your classic before you start work on it. Don’t wait until you run into unexpected problems to do that Google search or buy the restoration guidebook; do it/buy it now!

Rushing Parts Purchases

It may seem like it makes sense to buy all of your parts at once at the beginning of your project. This can be a costly mistake, however! Yes, you will have to replace some parts of your classic – that’s just part of the restoration process – but you may not have to replace everything you initially think you will. Save yourself the headache of returning parts you don’t need and buy parts as you go.

Skipping Specialized Insurance Coverage

You may think your standard auto insurance is sufficient to cover your classic, but that would be the biggest mistake you could make! Your new baby is going to appreciate in value rather than depreciate like a regular car, so you need classic car insurance to make sure your classic’s real value is covered in the case of disaster.

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