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Three Reasons Every Renter Needs Renter’s Insurance

If you’re a renter, it’s imperative that you have renter’s insurance. Not only is it probably required by your landlord, but it offers valuable coverage that protects you in several ways. From the first day you rent, you must have a renter’s policy in place to protect yourself. Call us today at Red Rock Insurance in Las Vegas, NV to get a policy for your rented home.

It Protects Your Belongings

If something happened to your home that destroyed or damaged your belongings, your renter’s insurance could pay for them to be repaired or replaced. The sum value of all your belongings can be considerable, and few people can afford to replace everything. It’s best to have renter’s insurance and know that your possessions are safer.

It Protects Your Liability

Renter’s insurance also includes liability coverage. This is important to keep you safe in case anyone has an accident while at your place. If this were to happen and someone was injured, you’d be legally responsible for their injuries and the costs that they cause. Accidents can be costly. This is true even when the injuries are relatively minor. Keep renter’s insurance just in case of any injury by a third party in your home.

It Protects Your Comfort

With renter’s insurance, if your home is made uninhabitable, you won’t have to try to stay in it. After a damaging event, your renter’s insurance can pay for you to stay somewhere more appropriate while the repairs are being made to your home.

Get Renter’s Insurance

When it’s time for a renter’s policy, we can help. Call Red Rock Insurance in Las Vegas, NV, to get started.

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